Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Clearly I am the ONLY idiot in the world to think this is insane...

KFC is selling pink buckets of fried chicken to raise money for breast cancer research. 50% of cancers could be prevented through a healthy diet (sure hope they include that fact on their pink bucket, but I bet they don't).
There are commercials on TV touting the benefits of HFCS...

There are no longer Home Economics classes in schools anymore, kids have no true nutritional education and they have government sponsored crap fed to them on a daily basis in their school, what are people being led to believe?
I think these pink buckets are just as bad as the cigarette industry raising money from the sale of pink labeled boxes of cigarettes to go into cancer research. Everyone knows it's trendy right now to have a pink label on your product. Personally I think it's disgusting and now I guess that makes me ungrateful too. I can live with that.

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